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Creating spouts

You can easily add your own data sources. Spouts (aka plug-ins) fetch the content from the different sources. Some spouts are included:

If you want to get the newest entries from your own source (e.g. an IMAP e-mail Account, Log Files or any data from your own application), you can include a new spout in your selfoss stream by writing just one PHP class (saved in a single PHP file).

Create a new PHP file under src/spouts/your_spouts/your_spout.php (choose a name for your_spouts and your_spout). The easiest way is to copy the src/spouts/rss/feed.php and to modify this file.

Member Variables

Set the $name and $description variable with the name and description of your spout. The $params contain the definition of the input fields which a user will have to fill to add a new source of your spout (e.g. username and password for accessing the source data).

A simple example for the member variables of a spout for accessing an e-mail inbox via IMAP:


namespace spouts\Mail;

use spouts\Parameter;

class Imap extends \spouts\spout {
    public string $name = 'E-mail';
    public string $description = 'Obtain e-mails from IMAP account';
    public array $params = [
        'email' => [
            'title'      => 'E-mail',
            'type'       => Parameter::TYPE_TEXT,
            'default'    => '',
            'required'   => true,
            'validation' => [Parameter::VALIDATION_EMAIL]
        'password' => [
            'title'      => 'Password',
            'type'       => Parameter::TYPE_PASSWORD,
            'default'    => '',
            'required'   => true,
            'validation' => [Parameter::VALIDATION_NONEMPTY]
        'host' => [
            'title'      => 'URL',
            'type'       => Parameter::TYPE_TEXT,
            'default'    => '',
            'required'   => true,
            'validation' => [Parameter::VALIDATION_NONEMPTY]


Your source will have to implement a few methods. Following UML diagram shows the inheritance structure:

selfoss source UML diagram

The class has to implement three things:


If you would like to show thumbnails instead of text, set the thumbnail field of Item to a URL of the image. selfoss will load and generate the thumbnail automatically. See src/spouts/rss/images.php for an example. This spout searches for an image in an RSS feed and returns it.

Your Spouts

Feel free to send us your own spouts. We are really happy about new sources we can add to further versions of selfoss. You can send them by email to or as a pull request to the GitHub repository.